Does your business have big plans this year? It’s time to get recruiting...

By: Steve Oldroyd

A more positive outlook...

Some nine months on from the shock of Brexit and all the uncertainty surrounding what will happen when Britain leaves the EU, there appears to be more cautious optimism. At On Target we’re certainly noticing a more positive attitude amongst our clients, many of whom are reporting an increase in business, particularly in terms of new projects and export opportunities.

It’s hard to get a true feel for how demand for staff will play out over the medium to long-term, but the last two months have seen new vacancies placed with On Target at the highest rate for some time. We have been busy across all of our market sectors, finding candidates to replace staff that are leaving, as well as helping some clients with their plans to expand their businesses, which is good news. There is definitely a sense that some organisations who have deferred or delayed plans for recruitment earlier in the year, feel that the time is ripe to be more proactive and get the right individuals on board before the end of 2017.

Candidate availability continues to be tight

At the same time, we are faced with the challenge of some candidates sitting tight despite being in jobs they’d rather leave. Candidate availability for sales and technical positions continues to be lower than normal and we are getting a consistent message from candidates that in the current economic climate they need really compelling reasons to consider a job move.

But that doesn’t have to be the bad news, especially if you choose On Target as your recruitment partner.

Suitable candidates in just one hour

Not all recruiters manage to be both responsive and maintain high standards of service delivery. However, at On Target we work on the basis of providing an immediate response. It means that we will be able to discuss candidates with a client within an hour of a vacancy being placed.

We know just how costly a job vacancy can be for a business – not just the cost of recruitment itself, but how a lengthy process can impact a company’s bottom line – so we are committed to minimising the overall cost and adding value throughout. How do we do that? Well, from the moment you first contact us it’s all about knowledge and expertise – from dealing with a consultant who has deep understanding of your business sector to getting a detailed job specification and learning as much as possible about the qualities you’re looking for in the ideal candidate. We can then develop a job profile that helps us to ‘sell’ the role to likely candidates and generate enthusiasm and curiosity.

Where do we find our candidates?

Increasingly, we are making direct approaches to prospective candidates – networking and gaining referrals through existing contacts consistently yields the best results. We’ll then pre-select a shortlist, where possible, of a minimum three candidates, saving you the inconvenience of wading through a pile of CVs. We believe in quality not quantity – another recruiter might send you 10 CVs but if the majority fall well short of your requirements, it’s a complete waste of your time.

Ours is a tried and tested approach

With just three carefully selected candidates to consider, we are able to typically fill vacancies within 4-6 weeks. So if you’re hoping to get the very best quality and talented individuals on board this year, give us a call.

Don’t waste any more time and money! Call us on 020 8397 4114 or email and we’ll introduce you to one of our expert consultants.

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