Sales Jobs - How to find your perfect job!

By: Darren Wrigley

Today competition for every job is fierce, it’s no longer enough to expect your CV to do the talking. If you really want a job you have to know how to get it – and you have to really want it.

Particularly in Sales jobs - demand for high performing sales people is increasing, but so are employers’ expectations of candidates. Recruitment is an expensive process, companies need to get it right first time or else risk the wrong recruit having a negative effect on sales. It is this level of risk that employers seek to minimize – they want someone who will fit in, has the right skills and will be committed to staying in the job for a decent length of time. So it’s down you to sell yourself in an interview and convince the employer that you perfectly fit the bill and will add value.

Take a good long look at yourself

First of all you need to think about what you want and the job that would most suit you. Make an honest appraisal about your personality and how you prefer to work – this will help you identify your ideal working scenario. Do you like to travel as part of your job where a regional sales role might suit best or do you prefer to be based in one place so? Do you want to work as part of a team or do you excel working alone and independently? What kind of products or services do you most enjoy selling and to what type of customer?

Consider also your previous jobs – which ones did you really enjoy and what was it that made one job better than the other? Are there things that certain jobs have in common? It’s well worth writing down all your thoughts, you might think you know the answers but going through this process will add clarity to your thinking – you may even discover things you hadn’t realised. It will also help further down the line when you’re being interviewed; you can draw on this thinking to ask your own questions, ones that will help determine whether the position and company is right for you.

Know the sort of company you want to work for

It’s pointless taking a scattergun approach to your job search. If you want to find your ideal job you need to first identify the sector in which you want to work and the type of business that would most suit you. Not everyone is destined to thrive in an industry-leading company; you may find you suit a smaller, more streamlined business. So think about what type of company will offer the best environment for your particular sales approach and what product portfolio you will feel confident in selling. Don’t forget to also consider your perspective on work-life balance – if family time is important to you, don’t start chasing jobs that have a huge regional sales patch and result in you travelling the length and breadth of the country.

Discuss with your recruiter

Once you have a clear picture in your head, a specialist sales recruitment agency will be able to help open the doors. If you’re enthusiastic, your recruiter will be enthusiastic about you, conveying the sense of ‘you really need to see this candidate now!’. But you’ll also need to be well prepared for the interviews that come your way as a result.

If you are looking for your dream sales job make sure you research the business as much as you possibly can. In the interview you can then demonstrate how facets of the business meet your own requirements and needs – something that will give the employer confidence that you won’t quit in a few weeks. And don’t be afraid to sell yourself – you’re being interviewed for a sales position, your interview is the ideal opportunity to directly demonstrate your sales skills.

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