How to select a preferred recruitment supplier

A preferred recruitment supplier should be a partner to your business, working closely together to secure a mutually beneficial future.

When it works well, clients benefit from good quality candidates, the recruitment process is efficient and cost effective. However, if you’re working with a number of recruitment consultancies you may not necessarily notice any drop off in performance because your focus is on filling a vacancy, not how well each supplier is working for you.

Justin Webb, Director Business Development, at On Target says: “When the cost to your business of employing the wrong person could be up two and a half times the basic salary you need to partner with a recruitment consultancy that understands your needs and has the expertise and experience to deliver the right candidates. The biggest challenge is how you can ensure you’re working with the right recruitment supplier for your business."

Do your current recruitment suppliers understand your business and market sector?

Most will have – or claim to have – specialist industry knowledge that will help them understand your recruitment needs. But if you want to confirm this, ask them pertinent questions – about your market sector, about trends in your own company, about their success rate and other clients they work with. This kind of questioning is essential if you are considering working with a recruitment supplier that is new to you.

How do you measure the performance of your preferred recruitment suppliers?

At On Target, we work to a transparent Service Level Agreement. This reporting and review process guarantees a consistent level of performance and, more importantly, positive results.

It’s well worth setting criteria that will help you assess performance. This might include:

  • The quality of candidates put forward
  • The length of time it takes to recruit a new employee
  • The supplier’s responsiveness throughout the process
  • The cost to recruit
  • The rate of mis-hires
  • The CV to interview rate
  • The CV to employment rate

Regular reviews of their performance will give you a clear picture of which recruitment suppliers are proving their worth – and it’s more likely to keep them focused in their efforts to satisfy your requirements.

Are you working with too many?

There can be some merit to spreading the net wide, but candidates will also adopt the same approach and you may find yourself inundated with duplicate CVs. The more suppliers you work with, the more your own workload will increase. It’s better to limit the quantity and focus on building a strong relationship and good lines of communication. This will give you more control and you are more likely to receive a better quality service.

With a broad range of vacancies across the business, how can you be sure that your suppliers have the capability to fulfil multiple, disparate assignments?

We started out as sales recruiters but in response to our client's growing preference to have one dedicated recruitment partner, we have developed our service into recruiting Sales, Technical and Commercial roles across our four specialist teams. This enables our consultants to become experts in their specific sector, and to place all levels of personnel. Understanding the extent to which a recruitment consultancy can be involved in your company – beyond your immediate recruitment requirements – should help you assess the value a working partnership will bring.

How do your suppliers ensure that candidates are a good fit for your business?

Always check what kind of filtering process a supplier will apply to candidate selection, along with any additional services they may provide as part of their service. At On Target we provide a personality profile for each candidate at the second interview stage, free of charge.

Of course, choosing your preferred recruitment supplier is only part of the process. Recruiters are only as good as the quality of information you provide. So it’s important to remember that a thorough brief and ongoing feedback during recruitment is essential if your supplier is to find ideal candidates for you.

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