On Target Tuck Shop raises valuable funds for local charity

Our team work hard and they like nothing more than a few naughty treats and chocolate bars to fuel them during the day at work.

So Katy Pamboulos, our On Target Office Manager, decided to try and put this desire to good use and support a local charity.

The charity Christopher's Smile was started after Katy's neighbour's nephew Christopher died just before his 6th birthday from a cancerous tumour on the brain. His parents having lost their son so tragically, started the charity to discover a treatment for children that get medulloblastoma in the future and to try and save more lives in Christopher's memory. The charity raises money to fund research into new treatments for these childhood cancers - paediatric brain tumour research is currently low on funding priority lists despite survival success rates being unimproved for many years.

Katy created an 'On Target Tuck Shop' which buy sweets, crisps, chocolate bars and biscuits in bulk and then sell them individually to our staff at a profit, to support this wonderful charity's work.

“Many thanks for your latest donation to Christopher’s Smile, there was a total of £143.50 in the pot. Your donations now total £3,608.71. We are very grateful for your continued support.”

An update from the charity on it's valuable work...

Your help has meant that we have been able to continue to fund research into finding new ways to treat childhood cancers, making a much needed difference.

Since October 2008 we have successfully funded 7 research projects and we’re delighted that our latest ground-breaking project for paediatric and teenager’s solid tumours into the use of Liquid Biopsies is well underway. This exciting work is being undertaken by the Institute Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton. Liquid Biopsies have the potential to transform the way cancers are diagnosed and monitored. Equally important, they will provide clinicians with vital information for patient treatment plans. We look forward to the trial stage and our overall aim is to bring this test into NHS standard care which will mean a new era of diagnosing, monitoring and treating cancer in children and teenagers.

In addition to fundraising we continue to be actively engaged in campaigning for better processes to expedite new treatments into the clinic for children. We remain grateful to everyone who has helped over the years at supermarket bag packs, by attending our events or by organising fundraising activities.

Each and every person has made an important contribution and we hope that your support will continue in the coming year. If you would like to help us please contact us at info@christopherssmile.org.uk.

To find out more visit: Christopher's Smile