Sales - Whatever the weather, you get to choose your outlook!

By: Gavin Ingham

Many people drift through life allowing external events to impact the way that they feel. They think that their mood and their feelings are dependent upon others.

When you tune in, you will hear these people all around you saying things like, "He upset me," or, "It's all getting on top of me." I could go on. These people allow people, events, and circumstances to dampen their spirits. They allow someone or something to steal their personal power.

In sales, we meet a lot of negativity. We have to deal with rejection. Things do not always go the way that we want:- you are going to lose sales; you are going to be passed over for your competition; you are going to be making a presentation to someone (or a group) who do not look the least bit interested in what you have to say...

Many people allow these people and these situations to impact their attitude and mindset, their behaviours and, by extension, their results. Don't be one of them.

Whatever is going on in your life; whatever the weather; whatever the situation; whatever the day of the week; the only person that gets to choose your outlook is you.

It may be that two people meet an identical challenge but their experience is different. They feel differently because experience is self-generated. Only you get to interpret a situation, decide what it means and how it makes you feel.

The only person that can decide whether you are going to be positive or negative is you. The only person that can fire off the right neurons and processes in your brain to be negative or positive is you.

There will be three types of people reading this article. Type 1 will be saying, "Hell, yes, I am taking control. Things will not get me down." Type 2 will be thinking, "I'm not sure, is it really as easy as that?" And type 3 will be thinking, "You are joking me. My life is crap and it's not my fault."

Well, and in order... Awesome, yes it is, and you're wrong.

It might not be easy but we can all control our mindset. We can all decide to be positive. We can all decide how things are going to effect us. Ultimately, you have lost sales before, you have met challenges before, people have upset you before... and you got over it.

One day you got up and just felt more positive, one day you got up and "forgot" to cry in your soup, one day you got up and decided "enough is enough"! Why not today? Why not straight away? Why not never feel that way at all?

How you feel and how you respond to events really is up to you. And if you do not like your current reality, you can change it. ONLY YOU can change it.

If you're sometimes less than resourceful, isn't it time you took conscious control of how you are habitually making yourself feel? Isn't it time you chose to see things in a more resourceful way?

I have been working with business leaders, sales leaders and ambitious people for nearly two decades now and I can tell you that your mindset and your ability to be mentally tough is your number one tool, bar none, in your pursuit of success in sales, in business and in life.

As I always says, you can BE A 10, and it's up to you to decide, now. Look in the mirror, get in a positive state and say to yourself, "I am 10."

Now get on with your day!

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